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The Kelley Library is a member of GMILCS, a consortium of libraries throughout southern New Hampshire. You may use your Kelley library card in any of these libraries.    

(Restriction apply to some circulating items.)


Amherst Town Library

Bedford Public Library

Derry Public Library

Goffstown Public Library

Hooksett Public Library

Manchester City Library

West Side Community LIbrary (Manchester)

Merrimack Public Library

Wadleigh Memorial Library (Milford)

Danforth Library (New England College)

Teti Library (NH Institute of Art)

Kelley Library (Salem)

Nesmith Library (Windham)

Memorial Gifts and Donations

A library donation is a thoughtful way to celebrate friends and family, providing an lasting tribute to a loved one. Memorial gifts continue the legacy of those remembered and honor the surviving family as well.

Kelley Library welcomes donations of varying amounts, and suggestions for the use of the donation are welcomed.  Every gift is acknowledged with a letter to the donor and with a notification sent to the family of the individual being honored. Gifts up to $100 will be used to purchase library materials (books, music, audiobooks, etc.).  A book plate will be included in each item purchased with donations.  Larger gifts will be used for furnishings.  Multiple donations for an individual may be combined to purchase a more costly item.  A small inscribed plaque will be purchased to commemorate the donation.

If you wish to make a memorial donation, a donation for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event, please print and fill out a donation form to include with your check.  Preprinted forms are also available at the library.  You may drop off or mail your donation to:


Kelley Library

234 Main St.

Salem NH  03079

Please make checks payable to Kelley Library.

Kelley Library Book Donation Guide


While the library appreciates receiving donated items, we are not able to add all donations to our collection.  Items not added to the collection still help the library by generating funds when they are sold through our annual and ongoing book sales.


We Accept:

  • Popular fiction & nonfiction

  • DVDs, music CDs, and complete audiobooks on CD, with intact and undamaged cases.


We Do Not Accept:

  • Books in poor condition. If a book is yellowed, water-damaged, musty, has torn covers or pages, or broken bindings, please do not donate it to the library.

  • VHS tapes or audio cassettes.

  • Encyclopedias.

  • Reader’s Digest condensed books.

  • Outdated information, particularly travel guides, computer books, or computer software older than three years.

  • Magazines.

  • CDs or DVDs that are scratched or otherwise unusable, or have broken cases or missing booklets.

  • Home-recorded or downloaded materials.

  • Audiobooks or DVD collections with missing discs.

  • Textbooks


Helpful Hints:

  • Call ahead.

  • Limit your donation to one or two boxes at a time.

  • Please help the library by not donating items that must be discarded.

  • The library does not recycle books.


Tax Receipts:

If you would like a receipt, count the items you are donating. The library can give you a signed, dated receipt for the number of items, but cannot assess the value.

Library Board of Trustees logo

   Chair -  Kathleen Norton

   Vice Chair - Christopher George

Treasurer - David Hickernell


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