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Fines on Children's/Teen Material? We Don't Charge 'em!

Both GMILCS and Kelley Children/Teen items are exempt from fines when the items are checked out at Kelley. Unfortunately, the fines follow the item around to where-ever the item goes, even though Kelley library's transaction rules apply.

For example, anyone returning a Derry or Wadleigh children's item may show fines after checkin here at Kelley Library. Simply waive the fines for the returned children's items. Don't bother mentioning this to the customer. Since we are the transacting library, we follow our "home" rules. The waiving of Children/Teen fines is the work-around because the Client/LEAP/Polaris can't do it.

This situation does NOT occur as often as it used to. Three or four GMILCS libraries have gone fine free.

If you do not have the authority to waive fines with your login, please let Katherine know.

If you have any questions, please see me

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