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Action Figures - Star Wars Rogue One 

Launch into action and adventure in the world of Star Wars! Discover the exciting stories of good versus evil in a universe of heroes, villains, and aliens. Collect and battle with this Star Wars Rogue  featuring Captain Cassian Andor, Sergeant Jyn Erso, K-2SO, Imperial Death Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader

action figures justice leage set of

Action Figures - Justice League

Justice League heroes are always ready to charge into action!Made up of the World's Greatest DC Superheroes and Villains, this set includes Batman, The Joker, The Flash, and Superman.

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American Girl Doll - Jacob Anthony Diaz (Truely Me Doll #76)  NEW!

Hi! My name is Jacob Anthony Diaz. My birthday is September 17th and I am 11 years old. I live with my parents and my brother and my sister. My favorite color is blue, and I like studying science in school. Experiments are fun! My favorite animal is a raccoon. I like the mask around their eyes! My favorite food is seafood. Yum!


American Girl Doll - Nanea  NEW!

Living through the attack on Pearl Harbor upsets the entire world of a nine-year-old Hawaiian girl. Nanea Mitchell’s life was filled with hula dancing, fishing with Papa, and playing with her pet dog, Mele. Then the bombs dropped just a few miles from her home. But the aftermath of the attack is almost as dangerous when neighbors begin suspecting neighbors of aiding the enemy.

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American Girl Doll - Jack Bond Lake (Truly Me Doll #75)

My name is Jack Bond Lake. I am named after my Grandpa Jack and James Bond who is an international spy from books and movies! Isn’t that cool? I live with my parents and my dog, Parsley. My favorite color is gray and my favorite school subject is language. I really like sports so I play basketball on Mondays and football on Thursdays. In my free time I love exploring technology on my computer. My birthday is May 27th and I am 9 years old. 

AG josephina_edited_edited.jpg

American Girl Doll - Josefina

Josefina® opens up a whole world of play with authentic styles from 1824, during the opening of the Santa Fe Trail. Josefina's 18-inch doll body is soft cloth; her head and limbs are smooth vinyl. She's posable for hundreds of playtimes and can be treasured for years to come. Her Meet Josefina book enhances playtime with the first story of this hopeful girl growing up in 1824- and offers lessons about choices and friendship that still touch girls today.

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American Girl Doll - Maryellen

"I have a heart full of high-flying hopes and a head full of pie-in-the-sky ideas, even though they don’t all get off the ground. But I know that if I stay true to who I am and what I believe, the sky’s the limit." Her 18-inch doll body is soft cloth; her head and limbs are smooth vinyl. She's posable for hundreds of playtimes and can be treasured for years to come.

ag rosie grace

American Girl Doll - Rosie Grace (Truly Me Doll #64)

Rosie Grace Theylen lives with her grandma and grandpa and her cocker spaniel Ali. Her favorites: the color orange, spaghetti, art, and geckos. She loves sculpting and painting and doing science experiments!

AG Sophia BRown_edited.jpg

American Girl Doll - Sofia Brown (Truly Me Doll #28)

 My name is Sofia Brown and I live with my parents and my two sisters. We recently got a new kitten! Dad said we I was responsible enough to care for a pet. My favorite colors are blue and purple and after school I like to hang out with friends. My hobbies are swimming and band. This year I’m trying to break my own record for the 100 freestyle. That is 4 laps in the pool. I do well in school and my favorite subject is math.


American Girl Doll Accessories

Discover the American Girl Doll Closet. Dozens of outfits and shoes are available for your American Girl Doll or any 18 inch doll. Uniforms such as medical, mail carrier, chef, Harry Potter and more are also offered. From roller skates to fishing poles, explore these wonderfully diverse accessories. Pet cats and dogs are also available.

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Electronic Snap Circuits Snaptricity

Learn about magnetic fields, how the electricity in your home works, how switches control the electricity to the lights. What about series and parallel circuits? How do they affect electricity?  Bring theories in electricity and magnetism practical use. Ages 8 and up. 


Hand Puppets

Imagination is the key to a healthy childhood! Puppets encourage play and discovery to develop the skills (language, social & emotional )necessary in life. Your child will love playing with these plush, plump and huggable puppets. Most have movable feet and mouths. This set includes 5 fun, friendly puppets of varying sizes (Dinosaur, Turtle, Dragon, Franklin, Clifford the Big Red Dog) that can provide hours of imaginative play!


Launchpad Tablets

Pre-loaded with high-quality, ad-free learning apps and stories. Designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface, Launchpads are 100% secure. Launchpad tablets are made to be passed from one set of hands to the next. No download time. No need for Wi-Fi. Read stories, play games and more. It's as simple as turning on a device — anytime, anywhere.

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Create beautiful art, make a room sign or just freestyle with new, round pegs designed to shine brighter than ever and templates with interesting designs like a unicorn rainbow! Turn on the light and be mesmerized watching your artwork glow behind 4 different light shows from blinking to pulsing.

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Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Logic Game

It will take more than a little skilled driving to get the red car out of this traffic jam – it will take brainpower. In Rush Hour, a sliding block logic game, you have to battle the gridlock as you slide the blocking vehicles out of the way for the red car to exit. With 40 all-new challenges, ranging in difficulty, players can progress at their own speed.  It is one of the best logic games of all time.

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Squishy Circuits: Standard Kit

Uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way. Let creations come to life as they light up with LEDs and make noises with buzzers.

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Action Figures - Avengers Titan Heroes 

Marvel heroes are always ready to charge into action! Whether they’re soaring into flight, using master fighting techniques, or speeding into the fray on foot, these super beings are top-notch defenders of universal justice! Enter the battle with this set of 16 Titan Hero Series figures, including Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Thor, Black Widow, Marvel’s Falcon, Marvel’s Hawkeye, Black Panther, Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Scarlet Witch.