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Thank you everyone for a

Summer Reading!

We are getting End of Summer
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Jungle Jim's Balloon Magic Show!

Watch the video any time during the last week of August! No registration needed!
Link will be posted when the program is available.

 Join Jungle Jim on a comical reading adventure! This engaging performer takes you on an incredible live journey with balloons and magic right through your screen. Giant animals, silly magic, zany humor and of course, the 6-foot balloon! An interactive and energetic program, Jungle Jim appeals to audiences of all ages and encourages viewers to participate in the fun.

 NEW! Opening the week of August 17.  

Mon - Fri 10-1 and 5-8  with limited guests

Curbside pickup NEW hours

10 Am - 8 Pm Mon- Fri  and  9-2 Sat

Please watch this video for details.

Many thanks to Susan and SCTV-17 for this video!

Online Book Group Meeting:

Kelley Library Non-Fiction Book Group

The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke

by Andrew Lawler

Wednesday, August 19th at 4 P. M.

Print copies of this book are  available at

the library. Please call or reserve a copy

online. The meeting will be held

online via Zoom.

If you are interested in reading this book

and participating in the online discussion,

please provide your contact information

on this form. We will send you a Zoom invite closer to the date.


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