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Join us every Mon. Wed. & Fri. on the  for a short story time with Katelyn.  

Kelley Library Book Group:

A Woman is No Man
By Etaf Rum


March 31st at 4 P. M.

This book group is open to all. Copies of

this book are available at the library.


This meeting will be held via Zoom. To sign up, please fill out this form and we will send you a meeting invitation.


If you need additional assistance, please email

Online Program:

Maximizing Social Security
Presented by Andrew Githmark of 
Steward Partners Global Advisory


March 18th at 7 P. M.

Please  join us  for an interactive ZOOM seminar sponsored by the Kelley Library entitled Maximizing Social Security.

Are you one of the many Americans who do not fully maximize their Social Security benefits? Knowing how and when you choose to collect Social Security benefits can be complex because it ultimately depends on your unique circumstances.


With retirees living longer today than previous generations, your choice of when to retire and collect Social Security benefits can make a significant difference in the income you collect in retirement.  


Please fill out this form to register for the event. We will send you the Zoom invitation before the meeting date.

If you need additional assistance, please email

RSVP Bone Builders is now  Online

This a a great partnership with the library 


To Learn more about RSVP Bone Builders, click

Help send warm thoughts to those isolated at home this winter.

We are continuing to partner with Intergenerational Collaborative of Salem by sending people cards of well wishes and happy thoughts along with their meal services. 

For cards made by kids, please write the child's first name treasured long after they've been delivered!

You can help out by stopping by the library to fill out, donate, or grab a kid's kit to make a card. Place a finished card in the box on the Curbside Pickup table. 


Birthday cards and "thinking of you" type cards are  needed. 

Contact with questions.

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