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One week of Summer Reading left!
If you haven't had a chance to join in on the fun yet, check out the calendar and the Kid's  Summer Reading tab in the bar above!


Fun Family Outdoor Program!

Tuesday, July 27th, 10 am
Where: on the library lawn
Who: Join Piki the service dog and human             author Joan Hellquist for a special reading
   of her book Piki Goes to College.  


Great for ages 5-12 and families!

Kelley Library Book Group

Something in the Water

by Catherine Steadman

Wednesday, July 28th
from 4-5 p. m.

This meeting will be held in

person at 14 Catalpa Road,

Salem, NH. Please meet

at the clubhouse behind the



Copies of this book are available at the library.


Please register here if you wish to attend.


RSVP Bone Builders is now  Online

This a a great partnership with the library 


To Learn more about RSVP Bone Builders, click

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Podcasts For Kids! 

Wow in the World is a podcast for kids and their grown-ups.


Hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz share stories about the latest news in science, technology, and innovation. Stories that give kids hope, agency and make us all say "WOW"!

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 “The Ten News” explores topics kids care about in current events, sports, science, gaming, pop culture, entertainment, and more. 

Listen to new episodes every Tuesday &

Thursday! Binge past episodes now!

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