Purpose: To set guidelines for what type of programs and events are appropriate for presentation at the Library.


          A Library program is an event that promotes the use of Library materials, facilities or

services, and/or offers the community an informational, entertaining or cultural experience. Programs are planned for the interest and enlightenment of all the people of the community. The Library strives to offer a variety of programs that reflect the broad range of community interests. Library programs shall be free and open to the public, but optional charges for materials or books that participants will keep may be levied.

Any event or program attracting more than 25 attendees must be co-sponsored by the Library due to the priority placed on ready access to Library activities. All programs or events must meet all the requirements of a Library program.  When pre-registration is required, it must be handled by the Library. An attendance sheet may be circulated on the day of the program; however, it may not be used for any commercial use. Commercial use of such information will result in loss of access to the Library’s meeting space.

Press releases and public notification of the programs must be approved by the Library Director. Library programs must be non-commercial in nature. Although a businessman or other professional expert may present a program, the information should always be generic in nature. No solicitation of business is permitted. Solicitation of business will result in loss of access to the Library’s meeting space.


     The sale of products at a Library program is not allowed with one exception. Because the Library wants to encourage reading, writing, and the appreciation of culture and because distribution channels for these materials are often lacking, writers, performers and artists may sell their own works at the Library following Library programs. Attendance at Library sponsored programs is open to the public. The Library reserves the right to set age limits for children’s programs. The Library also reserves the right to require a Kelley

Library card to register for programs. This requirement will be made clear in all public notice of the program. Attendance at other programs shall not be restricted because of age, gender, race, background or beliefs.

                            Prohibitions include, but are not limited to:

                                 • Selling and/or soliciting for services, money, items, or signatures,                                               except for Library or Library-related activities or purposes.

                                • Distributing or posting printed materials, literature, or other items                                           that have not  been approved by the Library for use inside the Library                                     building or on Library grounds.


          Outside groups may not solicit library patrons in the Library or on Library property.              Posters and/or fliers announcing a campaign or ticket sale to benefit non-profit, civic, and/or community organizations may be displayed on the Community Bulletin Board if space allows and if the materials complies with the Community Bulletin Board guidelines. Nothing in this policy shall prohibit a person’s freedom of expression of his first amendment rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.



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