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      Finding suggestions for books to read or recommendations of titles or authors similar to your favorites can be a challenge. The Kelley Library is making this a little easier. All staff members are ready to make suggestions on titles to try, but here are some other ideas:

Try these great links for finding new authors, new titles, the next in your favorite series, and/or read-alikes:
  • Online Catalog: Our catalog offers reviews by others readers like you as well as other resources to find titles. You can even add your own reviews

  • Fantastic Fiction: A site from Great Britain, this is the site for finding the titles in almost any series.

  • Novelist The library provides access to Novelist, an powerful search tool for locating information on authors and their works. Use it to search for read-alikes. (You will be prompted to enter you library barcode and PIN number.)

  • Find Your Next Book To Read:

  • Book Browse: An online community for book lovers and a great source for read-alike research.

  • Read-alikes Link Collection: A large collection of links for finding read-alike titles or authors, as well as suggestions for what to read next.

  • Webrary: a wonderful resource of lists based on subject, similar authors and much more. These lists are compiled based on the recommendations of librarians across the country.

  • WeRead: a great way to explore books. This site also has links to eBooks you can read online.

  • Dear Reader

    Kelley Library Online Book Clubs:   Sign up to have a few pages of a book sent to your email daily. It only takes 5 minutes to read and you might just get hooked. If you like it, click to reserve the book for pick-up. This service is absolutely free, and you can select a club that matches your interests: fiction, non-fiction, romance, mystery and more.

    Kelley Library BookNews:   Subscribe to these newsletters to be sent to your email, or just check online for updates. BookNews includes descriptions of and links to a wide variety of books for all ages, organized to match your interests: science fiction, mysteries, thrillers, science and nature, audiobooks, business and so much more. These books are owned by the Kelley Library – just click the links to reserve for pick-up.